Tips for FreeCell

Learn the tips to have more fun with freecell.

Gaming Tips

Gaming Tips

1. Hotkeys

You can start a game using hotkeys.

    1. F2 or N new game
    2. A try again

In addition, you can play the game using keys, too.

    1. 1-8 select a deck
    2. 9 send to home cell
    3. 0 send to free cell
    4. F10 or U undo
    5. H hint

2. Types of Game Outcomes

There are four types of outcomes when you play unsolved games; success, failure, giveup, runaway.

    1. Success
    2. Failure your game results in a failure, if you have no available move.
    3. Giveup your game results in a giveup, if you click a ‘Giveup’ button to finish a game with declaring a failure.
    4. Runaway your game results in a runaway, if you leave the game without finishing it. When you close your browser while playing, it will be also recorded as a runaway.

When you happen to play already solved games, there are four types of outcomes; takeover, defeat, withdraw, runaway.

    1. Takeover you can takeover a game that has been already occupied by others by solving it again.
    2. Defeat your game results in a defeat, if you have no available move.
    3. Withdraw your game results in a withdraw, if you click a ‘Giveup’ button to finish a game with declaring a failure.
    4. Runaway same as above.

Sometimes, machines may get out of our control. Such incidents will be recorded as an ‘Error‘.

3. Other Tips

It is hard to distinguish between heart and diamond, or between spade and clover when ace cards are put beneath a pile of other cards. If so, right click on the card, and the card will come to the front temporarily.

If you know other useful tips to play freecell, please leave it as a comment below.


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    when go to click freecell project. homepage make trouble what can i do?
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    it won't let me log in, is there something i can do?