FreeCell Project

FreeCell Project is an online social solitaire community. Play freecell with other players competing for higher score, and managing personal records.
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District #608
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      • Rabah Salem 6 days ago 2014-10-14 16:42:17 Translate
        Quel est le meilleur informaticien? Avez-vous trouvé? Quoi, Gates? Ce n'est Gates ni Cray : c'est celui qui ne se fie jamais à l'informatique!?!
      • 범준시아아범 6 days ago 2014-10-14 16:32:59 Translate
        14번 시도해서 깼어요. 클로버 A 가 관건이네요..ㄷㄷㄷ
      • GilProduction 3 weeks ago 2014-09-24 21:11:42 Translate
        술마시고 하니까 역시, 시간이 오래걸리네요ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ
      • Admin 4 weeks ago 2014-09-23 00:44:49 Translate
        We have built an interactive freecell tutorial during the weekend.
        If you like it, please share the link on your social network.
        Thank you!
      • Admin 1 month ago 2014-09-18 22:35:48 Translate
        Hello everyone from the world!
        Nice to meet you all
        : )
      • Dongwon Lim 1 month ago 2014-09-17 15:49:29 Translate
        We have changed the success sound to 'whislte'.
        The sound option is off by default.
        You can enable it in the 'Account' menu (by changing 'Sound' option to on).
      • Dongwon Lim 1 month ago 2014-09-14 18:41:53 Translate
        We updated map to allow users view game info before playing.
        In addition, facebook users can Invite friends now.
      • Admin 1 month ago 2014-09-13 17:11:37 Translate
        Do you mean the game-wide success rate? of all users?
        It's about 52.5%.
      • redstorm98 1 month ago 2014-09-13 14:20:25 Translate
        what average of success rate?
      • Admin 1 month ago 2014-09-03 18:24:29 Translate
        Our server went wrong when district 580 was about to be finished, so the next district became district 582. We returned the district to 581, and now we're investigating the error. We apologize for the error.